Basic Strategy For Card Counting

When we play blackjack we play forcing with a strategy that allows you to win the game against the dealer. There are two game strategies you can choose from: basic strategy, or card counting, all of these two game techniques are good for you if you apply them properly. In order to give you an idea of ​​these game strategies, we give you some details on it.

The basic strategy at blackjack

With the basic strategy of blackjack you are sure to go far in the game, while progressively positive in the game. Its implementation gives you a significant advantage in the game since it decreases that of the game. house, ie the casino of 1%. The basic strategy of blackjack gives you a global vision of the game, allowing you each turn to get as close as possible to the 21 points required.

Counting cards at blackjack

The counting of cards in blackjack is done illegally in casinos because this technique of game is considered to be cheating in the game. Thus it is forbidden to use it when playing blackjack in a casino, at the risk of being thrown out without your money, and banned from entering the game in question. However, this sanction does not discourage the card counters in casinos, the number is getting bigger and bigger, and many are able to play without his spotting and amassing large sums.

Play blackjack by finding a strategy that will help you win very often during your games.

To have an easier way to win blackjack, you have to take the time to think about your actions and to do your best to pay attention to the basic strategies because that’s what helps you to play the game well. Game.

To have a good game, some tips are to be taken into account, it should not always double after shooting an eleven because if the dealer shows a face card, we risk losing our bet twice. There is also the case where the croupier shows a six, at this time, we should go on the attack so that it does not go further. It is also important not to pass the gains stupidly, it is always necessary to analyze the situation according to the cards we have that later, we can consider an action that will be favorable in advantage.

It is always essential to separate two aces, to clearly have even more advantage, it is also necessary to separate two and eight, also two and nine, if the visible card of the dealer varies between two, three, four, five, six, eight and nine. On the other hand, you must never separate two cards worth ten, which are also called “log” cards, it is always important to stay in this situation. There are also certain situations that require good self-control, such as the fact that you have a 20, you must always stay normal so that the other competitor has no suspicion of anything. It is also not advisable to double when you have an eight even if you have all the possibilities to do it.

In blackjack, patience is also very important to have a good set of cards favorable to the situation on the next hands to undertake.

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